Gmail Gets Smart Reply

Gmail gets Smart Reply

Google’s e-mail app will soon suggest responses to e-mails, which will allow users to reply timeously and appropriately while on-the-go.

The feature, called Smart Reply, uses artificial intelligence to scan through e-mails and give the option of three replies. It first appeared in 2015 in its separate e-mail app called Inbox, and has since been used in messaging app Allo and on Android Wear.

Smart Reply is now available in Gmail.

Smart Reply will now be integrated into Google’s mainstream e-mail smartphone app Gmail. This was announced at Google’s annual I/O developer conference this week.

Google says Smart Reply messages account for 12% of all replies sent in Inbox.

“Based on our examination of the use of Smart Reply in Inbox and our ideas about how humans learn and use language, we have created a new version of Smart Reply for Gmail. This version increases the percentage of usable suggestions and is more algorithmically efficient,” explain Google researchers Brian Strope and Ray Kurzweil, in a blogpost.

Three basic suggestions will be given at the end of a message and users can either choose the best to send immediately, or edit one of the replies.

Over time, Smart Reply will learn how users speak (or write) in e-mails, and responses will become more personalised.

The update will roll out to iOS and Android in English. Google says a Spanish version will be available in the next few weeks.

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