Ghanaians Want Sarkodie Dead, According To Google

Sarkodie is plus one



Google has released their annual list of most popular searches, strangely and sadly Ghanaians were searching for answers as to whether SarkCess Music boss, Sarkodie was dead.

Even though there wasn’t any incident of Sarkodie being involved in a car accident or rumour of him being dead but surprisingly that was what Ghanaians searched the most in 2017.

The second most searched was also about death, “Is Sonnie Badu dead? Looks like Ghanaians are mostly interested in the death of people than any other information.

Below is the top ten list of most searched information on Google by Ghanaians, check it out!

1. Is Sarkodie dead?

2. Is Sonnie Badu dead?

3. Who is the president of Ghana?

4. Who killed President Mills?

5. Is Ramsey Noah dead?

6. Who is the richest man in Ghana?

7. What is a female hyena?

8. When is Valentine’s day?

9. What is the time in the USA?

10. What is s*x education?

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