Ghanaians Don’t Appreciate My Music – Kwaisey Pee Laments

Ghanaians Don’t Appreciate My Music

Highlife artiste Kwaisey Pee has lamented that Ghanaians don’t appreciate his brand of music hence his inability to make a breakthrough in the music industry.

Kwaisey Pee, who has been inactive for a while, said he doesn’t believe he is at the peak of his career considering how long he has been in the music industry.

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He was speaking on Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital on Saturday.

“We [Ghanaians] don’t really appreciate good music. If not that, then it’s me as an artiste that people don’t appreciate. Ghanaians are not appreciating Kwaisey Pee as an artiste,” he said.

The Mehia Odo hit maker continued: “I don’t think I’m at the height I’m supposed to be. I have been in the industry for a decade and so looking at the time I started up until now, I think I have to be at the point where if I organise a show there should be a full house with an overflow, but that is not the case. So because of that, I feel Ghanaians are not appreciating me as an artiste and the music I do.

He said he has contemplated a few times quitting highlife but was always guided by his principle not to give up.

He said: “Sometimes I think of leaving highlife but I’ve been taught not to give up in whatever I do or turn back and say, ‘because I’m getting frustrated here, I need to move there’. It means you don’t know your stand, so I still say I will move on and do what I do best and make my name.”

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