Ghanaian Painter Gets Noticed By Donald Trump Campaign Team Over Controversial Trump Illustration!

Popular Ghanaian painter and illustrator, Bright Ackwerh, got a notice from “A worker on Trump’s campaign team” that the United States Secret Service will be “following up” on one of his recent paintings.

Bright Ackwerh gets noticed by the US Secret Service

Some stories are easily paraphrased because they’re easy enough to follow, while others aren’t as simple. Although with a little effort a good summery could be done, I think that reading the artist’s – Bright Ackwerh – post about the incident in questions would go long way towards helping our readers understand what happened. Because, if anything, it’s always better to hear it form the horse’s mouth… well, in this case, read it from the horse’s out Facebook profile.

Seems like while Mr. Trump was running for presidency, he was fair game, although now that he’s president, some things just won’t be condoned by Uncle Sam.

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