Ghanaian Men Need To Stop Wearing These 5 Things In 2018

There comes a time when modernity affects our dress code because we desire to conform to what is trending in the world of fashion.

Men in stylish clothing

However more often than not, we get some fashion concepts wrong, and may remain oblivious to the effects on or the reactions from our family and friends.

A careful study by us has shown that Ghanaian men keep repeating some unpardonable fashion errors. Which of them are you guilty of?

1. Worn out shoes

It is often said that one of the first things a person notices about you are your shoes. Wearing shoes that are worn out could expose your feet to a number of infections. Do wear nice shoes.

Worn out shoes

2. Wrinkled suits

How you dress, determines the way you are addressed, it is usually said. A suit is usually worn for formal events and as such should be in the best shape if the wearer intends to create a good impression.

Wrinkled suit

3. Oversized suits.

Even if the suit passes the test of crispiness, it needs to fit on you quite perfectly. An oversized suit is certainly not the best idea.

Over sized suit

4. Wearing flip flops in public

Flip flops, otherwise known as ‘bathroom slippers’ are best used at home. More often than not, one is tempted to step out with them. Whatever the reason is, please desist from this attitude in the year 2018.

Blue flipflops

5. Too much cologne

We all desire to smell good when we are in public. Too much cologne may not serve the intended purpose, as it could rather push people away from you. Moderation is the magic word.

Bottles of cologne

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