Ghanaian Men Only: 4 Obvious Signs That Tell You She Has Another Man

How do I know if my lady is cheating on me? This is a question that most Ghanaian men often ask themselves.

Often times, being in a relationship prevents us from seeing beyond the warning signs of infidelity.

Ever found yourself in that situation where you get to doubt whether indeed she is the only one for you and that you’re not sharing her with any other guy? This article helps you get all the information you need.

1. She never stays for so long whenever around you

Every lady would wish to stay with her man for longer times especially when it has to do with a relationship. But when it happens that she is also finding an excuse to leave or call off the date then you should know something is definitely gone bad. There are basic things involved in this nature – either she just is not interested in the relationship or has special ties with her boyfriend.

2. She mistakenly calls you by her guy’s name

There will always be intimate moments which exposes our fragile sides as partners in a relationship and this can best be seen in cases where the lady in question is so much glued to a different man altogether. Be wary of the very name she always mistakenly mentions during emotional moments of your relationship and you will be surprised at the response you get.

3. She never leaves her phone around

Ladies who often feel insecure leaving their phones around their guys should be looked at with a second look of caution. It is often the case that women who are in specific double relationships or love triangles put in extra energy to keep communication of respective partners highly secret.

4. She always checks up on her phone

Ever had the experience of your woman continuously having her eyes locked up on her phone especially when both of you are having special conversation together. Be wary of such persons or ladies especially when it comes to relationships.

Being in a relationship is not always about falling in love but a;so your capacity of smelling problems when indeed this is often the case. Speak to your women when you notice most of these signs so you get to know the best decision to make in this regard.

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