Ghanaian Man Weeps Helplessly At His Wedding And People Cannot Think Far (Video)

He was supposed to be a happy man on his wedding day, but Ghanaian-born Gabriel Deku, 25, found himself shedding unstoppable tears as his wife-to-be, Annabella, made her way into St Martin in The Fields church at Trafalgar Square, London.

Video: Ghanaian-born Man weeps at his wedding

Gabriel Deku weeps as his bride-to-be Annabella walks down the aisle

Video: Ghanaian-born Man weeps at his wedding

Annabella, 24, was walked up the aisle by her mother Damaris – and just managed to keep it together

Gabriel’s emotional breakdown drew wild cheers from the congregation, but his best man, Tolu Ige, charged him to pull himself together.

Video: Ghanaian-born Man weeps at his wedding

Gripping his friend by the shoulder, Tolu urged:

“Come on, stand up, stand up. This is your moment, man. You look at her. ‘You look at her now, you look at her man. You look at her. You stand up and you look at your wife.”

Video: Ghanaian-born Man weeps at his wedding
Video: Ghanaian-born Man weeps at his wedding

Struggling to stem the tears, Gabriel wiped his eyes while his friend said: “You look her in the eye.”

The video of the moment tears started flowing from Gabriel’s eyes as he caught a glimpse of the bride has gone viral on social media, prompting speculation as to what caused him to cry.

One popular theory on Facebook had it that he had dated Annabella for four years and had never had sex with her, and so the prospect of finally sleeping with her after the wedding overwhelmed him with joy.

Another suggested that the cost of the wedding must have been too much for Gabriel to bear, while yet another theory had it that the groom must have cheated on the bride the night before the wedding.

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