Ghanaian Actor Reveals ‘Dirty’ Secret About Counselor Lutterodt’s Wife

Ghanaian actor, Peter Ritchie, has jabbed self-acclaimed marriage Counselor George Lutterodt, labeling his wife as a commercial pleasure worker (ashawo)

The actor who is not happy about Counselor Lutterodt’s public utterances appears to be paying him back in his own coin for calling actress Yvonne Nelson names.

Actor Ritchie in strong words, described George Lutterodt’s wife and other female family members as prostitutes (ashawo).

“Mr so-called Counselor Lutterodt or whatever that your name is, I am very much disappointed in you and your statements these days about womanhood. It is only in Ghana that you will have these platforms to be heard…”

“But hear this, if someone’s daughter (Yvonne Nelson) is ashawo as you said, then your own great great grandmother is ashawo, your great grandmother is ashawo, your grandmother is ashawo, your mother is ashawo, your wife is ashawo and soon your daughter will be ashawo. Be advised nonsense,” actor Peter Ritchie expressed on social media.

The controversial Counselor has gained notoriety for verbally abusing women on TV and radio platforms.

The Counselor who was speaking recently on TV Africa labeled Ghana’s famous actress, Yvonne Nelson a born-one, shameless ‘prostitute’.

Counselor Lutterodt went on to say that the actress who has no iota of shame needed to shut up about her “adulterous life”, and having a daughter out of wedlock.

Though some media reports claimed he never described Yvonne in those unprintable words, a video of him speaking on TV network exposed him on various social media platforms.

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