Ghanaian Actor, Prince David Osei Reveals How His Friend Tried to Poison Him

Prince David Osei

Had it not been for the timely intervention of a waiter, Ghana would have mourned the death of one of its talented actors, Prince David Osei in December last year.


The actor revealed that if the server had not been there, he would have been poisoned by a trusted friend.

Without giving the name of the server or the location of the incident, Prince David Osei made this revelation in an interview. Broadcast on Behind the Fame on Drive Time of local FM radio with the presenter, Lexis Bill said in this interview that he was speechless.

” I was trying to hang out with people and I felt that I was cool with them because I felt we were friends and we were soldered together. Without knowing it, someone intended to poison my drink and I did not see it. It was the server who saw it and challenged me , “he revealed.

”  So when he called me, I did not really understand … he said ” be careful not to drink anything on the table ” and I asked him why. Then he said he could not tell me “but later revealed that someone had put something in my drink,” he added.

The waiter, according to him, offered him something else to drink because he saw the person introduce the poison into the drink through his fingernail.

”  I begged him [but] he said it was against the work ethic ,  to reveal the person’s identity.

The actor, who firmly believed that the person was trying to kill him out of jealousy, urged people to work on their talent, and not be envious of others.

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