Ghanaian Actor Allegedly Runs to Prophet Kobi’s Church for ‘By Force Deliverance’

Tonado is captured kneeling in front of the self-acclaimed man of God, and was allegedly receiving an anointing and also undergoing deliverance.

Many social media users believe that Nana Tonado had gone to the church for by force deliverance when he got to know that Prophet Kobi gives free cars as gift to celebrities who visit his church.

To the social media users, Tonado would not have gone there but for the expectation of a free car.

Celebs, for example wrote plainly that Nana Tonado was there for a car not anointing.

those_called_celebs: “De moment u hear the pastor give Cars to celebs and other people for freee u internationally go der for anointing . He wasn’t lucky tho…he got frytol instead of car ....mada paaaa.”

Obra backed the claim, also stating his opinion about why Tonado was seen in the church.

obra_y3: “dis one de3 he went there for car not prayers ��.”

Naa believes Tonado made a smart move.

nashikagh“It a good decision.”

Nana also revealed what happened after Tonado’s prayers.

nanaomono_ksi: “He and his friend schwar went but they didn’t get anything…..”

Prophet Kobi is known for giving out free cars to celebrities who fellowships at his church.

He once told Delay in an interview monitored by us that he has given out over a hundred cars to some celebrities so far.

Interestingly, Nana Tonado was not seen wearing his many ear and nose rings while he knelt there for the prayers.

Nana Tonado also behaves like a woman, he is also noted to have many accessories on his body like a woman, for which reason many people have labelled him a homosexual.

Nana rose to fame following his role in the popular TV series, Afia Schwarzeneger, which was produced by controversial presenter, Delay.

This same series is what brought Afia Schwar, born Valentine Nana Agyeiwaa, to the limelight.

However, following a misunderstanding, both Nana Tonado and Afia Schwar resigned from acting in the series.

Till date, they both are at loggerheads with their ‘founder’ Delay.

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