Ghana, Nigeria to Witness Scary Plane Crash – Ghanaian Prophet Speaks

Renowned Ghanaian ‘Man of God’, Prophet Joseph Sackey has disclosed that Christians must rise and pray to avert an imminent plane crash between Ghana and Nigeria.

According to the founder and leader of Soul Mission International Church (SMIC), the plane disaster will be so scary that it will cause an altercation between the Presidents of the two West African States.

Prophet Joseph Sackey

Speaking to his congregation during a weekday ‘Prophetic and Deliverance Survive at his Odorkor Church, Prophet Sackey revealed that the disaster will lead to what appears to be an ‘African war’ between Ghana and Nigeria.

“I can see something like plane taking off either from Ghana to Nigeria, or from Nigeria to Ghana. The plane has been involved in a crash, the number of the plane begins with 3, but I don’t know if a plane has a number but thus what I see,” the ‘Man of God’ told his church members.

Prophet Sackey in his delivery maintained that he is not seeking for any form of media attention, but rather delivering God’s message to Ghanaians as his job demands as a Prophet of God.

The religious leader in his prophetic exercise stated that the deadly crash will occur within a weekday, therefore all well-meaning Christians must pray fervently to avoid the.possible crash.

The respected preacher in his conversation insisted that he has over the years delivered many prophesies including the deadly June 4 Circle flood and fire disaster that claimed the lives of many Ghanaians.

“I warned people about June 4 Circle disaster, I prophesied that with date and the specific place where the disaster will occur. I warned all Church members not to go there and those living there to vacate the area, and it happened just as I said in two weeks,” he said.

The General Overseer added that God has used him for many spiritual exercises and wouldn’t dwell on his Prophetic powers to sort for popularity in Ghana.

“I have been prophesying on national issues long ago. I once prophesied with specific time with date, and it came to pass which got featured in newspapers all over, just after three days of the prophecy,” he noted.

He further called on his church to rally behind him to pray against such national disasters.

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