Genius Man Uses Toy Train To Transport Drinks Around His Christmas Party

Still leaving the booze in the kitchen and telling your guests to help themselves, like a schmuck?

Learn from this guy and take a more creative approach to handing out G&Ts at your next Christmas party. That’s how you’ll win respect and admiration from your mates – not well-crafted pigs in blankets or the perfect amount of tinsel strewn around your living room.

Tim Dunn, a marketing manager, TV presenter, and historian, dug out his old model trains for a Christmas party on Saturday night.

Not to show off his collection, to be clear, but to repurpose one of his toy trains as drinks transportation. Smart.

Genius man uses toy train to transport drinks around his Christmas party

Tim converted a Playmobil train so it’d run on a 40ft long track, hooked up some wagons covered in Christmas lights, and popped drinks and mince pies in the wagons so they could travel a lap around the party.

‘Throughout the weekend drinks were made in the kitchen and sent out to guests across the flat every two minutes,’ explains Tim.

‘We had a Christmas drinks party this weekend – so last week I dug out a whole load of my old garden railway model trains and track, bought a special timer unit so that it would shuttle end-to-end every two minutes, and set it up on the floor.

‘There are often a lot of trains in our house. I have a very understanding boyfriend.

Genius man uses toy train to transport drinks around his Christmas party

‘The track runs about 40ft from the kitchen – where drinks and snacks are loaded, through the dining room, out from behind the sofas in the sitting room and across the floor to the optimal unloading point.’

This isn’t the first time Tim’s put his model trains to good use. For a Eurovision party he created a smaller train carrying vodka shots – which even stopped at individual stations – and every Christmas he runs a train track around the table at his family’s dinner.

‘All the best trains have a bar car, you see,’ says Tim.

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