GCAO Strategize Towards The Procurement Of Ghana House In Toronto

The Executive and Board members of the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) advanced among others an action plan to acquire a community centre aka Ghana House for Ghanaians living within the Greater Toronto Area by next year.

The crucial meeting which took place at the premises of the Apostles Continuation Church International at 10 Belfield Road in Etobicoke-Toronto on April 29, 2018 was chaired by the President of GCAO, Mr. Emmanuel Duodu.

When the chair called for reports from the various committees to be discussed, it was the Community Center Project committee which stole the moment with its report. The committee outlined the physical, legal and social efforts it has progressively made with the City of Toronto recently in concrete terms to obtain an abandoned property at 160 Rivera in Etobicoke for renovation to house the proposal Ghana community/cultural centre.

It was reported that facility is still in good condition and, that it is spacious enough to be used for all the needed services including library, youth & sports centre, newcomers and senior’s offices, homework & mentoring workspace that the Community Center is supposed to offer the public.

During discussions on the project report it was suggested that another suitable property in the Jane & Wilson area which could be used for the same purpose be considered by the committee and compared to the 160 Rivera facility for a better option.

Meanwhile, the leadership of GCAO in collaboration with the Ghanaian Ministerial Council of Toronto is planning a community event to fundraise for the project. The intended target for the fundraiser is one million dollars!

In another development, it was reported at the meeting that the GCAO Homework and Mentoring Program being run at the premises of the Apostles Continuation Church for students in the community is growing from strength to strength with new dimensions added.

The program now has an average weekly participation of 15 students and 4 volunteers very Sunday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Its curriculum has been expanded to include the teaching of the Twi (one of the Ghanaian languages) and recently an accommodation for autistic and at-risk students with a specialist in charge. More students and volunteers are needed for the program.

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