Free Medical Screening Organised By Entrance University Hospital

Mr Emil Opeku, the Hospital Administrator of Entrance University Hospital, set up by Tobinco Group of Companies, has approached Ghanaians to keep away from self-medication and report to qualified restorative offices when they fall debilitated.

Mr Opeku made the call when the Hospital organised a free medical screening exercise at Nima in Accra on Tuesday.

The Body Max Index and Blood Groups of the people were checked while the Rapid Diagnostic Test was used to check for malaria. Mr Opeku said it was the policy of the Hospital to support the community in which it operated to bring quality and affordable healthcare closer to the people.

He advised Ghanaians to take active interest in sports to enable them to stay healthy at all times. He expressed the hope that the Hospital would continue to offer the needed quality and affordable services and build on staff-client relationship.

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