Here Is How To Find Out If Short Hair Will Look Good On You.

Will short hair suit me?
You have finally decided to wear your hair in a short style. However, you are worried about the outcome. Afterall, if it goes bad, youll be stuck with bad hair for a couple of weeks.

You’ve asked all your friends, your hairstylist, your husband…. everyone, really….whether you will look good with a short hair style. Nobody wants to give a definite answer so you blame them later if it all goes wrong.

Here is an easy way to figure out if you would look good in short hair.

The angle of the jawbone determines if someone would look better with short or long hair.

To test whether you’ll look good in short hair,

1. Take a pencil and place it horizontally under your chin.

2. Grab a ruler and hold it up vertically under your ear.

3. Take the measurement of the intersection of the ruler and the pencil.

According to this technique, if you get a number less than 2.25 inches, you’d look amazing with short hair.

On the other hand, if you get a number that’s more than 2.25 inches, you might want to stick to your long styles.

Photo credit – Priscila Opoku Agyemang

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