FDA Blacklists 6 Herbal Drugs

Food and Drugs Authority

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has cautioned the public to desist from consuming some 6 herbal drugs in the market because they have some secret ingredients with deadly effects.

According to the FDA, the ingredient is called Sildenafil and has the potential of treating erectile dysfunction.

In a statement, the FDA stated that patients must only use Sildenafil only when they are prescribed by a medical doctor.

The list of drugs are as follows:

1. Vigoura Capsules, manufactured by Evergreen Healthcare Ghana Ltd.

2. Osompa Natural Capsules manufactured by Dr. Afari James, Osompa Herbal Centre

3. X Plus Men Power Bitter Syrup manufactured by New Global Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Accra

4. Anidaso Goodman Capsules manufactured by Dependable Pharmacy Ltd

5. Laud P. Capsules manufactured by Stephen Gyan Herbal Centre

6. Time Natural Capsules manufactured by Kenoga Company Ltd.

The Public Relations Officer of FDA told Accra-based Starr FM that “If someone brings a product to FDA to register as a herbal medicine and then you go and put in something else for the product to appear in a different way outside the purpose for which it was registered then it’s a deception to the general public. We have immediately canceled the market authorization we have given these products so they have been banned.”

Earlier on, the FDA had warned the public against the purchase of some other 6 drugs on the market.

The drugs are:

1. Rockman Capsules manufactured by Rockman Capsules Limited

2. Mars for men imported by Joe D. Ventures

3. Tinattet Be4 Be4 herbal capsules manufactured by Tinatett Herbal manufacturing and Marketing Co. Ltd

4. Angel Natural Capsules manufactured by Dependable Pharmacy Ltd

5. Laud P Capsules manufactured by Dependable Pharmacy Ltd

6. Laud P. Capsules manufactured by Stephen Gyan Herbal Centre.

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