Fashion: How To Slay On A Low Budget

There are two reasons why someone may not be upgrading their fashion sense.

It could either be because of laziness or simply because money doesn’t grow on trees so you’re broke AF. It is understandable when you love fashion but fashion won’t just give itself up to you, you need to invest or be innovative with your fashion style.

Here are a few things you can do to up your fashion game if you are broke AF:

1. Start buying accessories because they are cheaper and will help with a new look.

2. It’s about that time to change your hairstyle and put on some makeup.

3. Don’t buy clothes you need to take to the tailor you might spend a lot more.

5. Always take care of the clothes you have because you don’t have the money for a lot more.

6. Shop from the market; second-hand clothes can be bomb if you have the time and energy.

gikomba marketIMAGE: NATION.CO.KE

7. Spending money on shoes and bags make a lot more sense because they tear faster.

8. Instead of buying, you can swap clothes with one of your close friends.

9. Follow the rule of three. After you wear your jeans and top always add something to accessorize.

10. De-clutter your closet you would be surprised to find clothes you forgot about.


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