Fans Disappointed in Becca for Her Worsening Complexion in Latest Video

We’ve sighted a video of singer Becca which is making her fans complain about her new skin colour.

Becca, as a matter of fact, looks so much like late famous musician, Michael Jackson, given her complexion and facial appearance in this video.

Becca was captured in a studio probably where she had an interview concerning her new song to which she was dancing.

Her complexion looks just like a white lady, and most of her fans and followers have expressed disappointment in her.

Some of them have told her plainly to stop bleaching because black is beautiful.

Others have also said they want the old Becca because the change in her complexion is very disappointing.

For instance, Malik said he was sad about Becca’s new look.

yendimalik“Wow how come you suddenly change color like this my darling? Am sad .. I want the old Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa (Becca).”

Felix issued an order to Becca.

flex_william: “Stop bleaching ewwww.”

Hams had a whole new description for Becca’s looks.

cunnyhams“@yendimalik from coke to fanta.”

Zongo Boy said he simply can’t get over Becca’s new look.

zongo_boy_: “Can’t get over the bleaching!!”

Funky Fresh doesn’t understand why Becca would change her skin colour after her success in the industry for many years.

funkyfresh_1“@beccafrica i luv ur kinda music since u started ur career from tv3 mentor . U have been able to build a better person of urself but I don’t understand why u have changed ur complexion from black to white. Pls don’t bleach cos black is beautiful.”

Samuel was visibly disappointed.

arth.samuel“Eiii Becca paa nie [Is this the Becca we used to know?]. This change in complexion is too much.”

Anderson was also disappointed in Becca.

vananderson7376: “@eugene_nana_yeboah_hamilton very disappointed too… the best ebony color in Gh music industry but suddenly changed…”

This is not the first time Becca has been criticized for bleaching her skin.

However, it seems she is adamant to the criticisms and determined to really look like a whitelady just the way she is looking in the video.

Becca was in the news recently for wearing a ring and people wondered if she had married secretly.

She also launched her beauty spa recently.

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