Duncan Williams orders critics to Apologize to Charlotte Osei

Founder and leader of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams is calling on all fierce critics of the EC chairperson, Charlotte Osei, to publicly apologize for the damaging remarks made about her during the just ended elections.

Apologize to Charlotte Osei - Duncan Williams orders critics

Apologize to Charlotte Osei – Duncan Williams orders critics

Addressing his congregation, Duncan Williams argues that; “those who demonized my daughter (Charlotte Osei) and called her all sorts of names without cause must come out and openly ask for forgiveness the same way they attacked her.”

According to him, the just ended general elections was the most organised general elections in Ghana’s 4th republic.

“Now that the verdict has gone in the opposite direction other than imagined, I hope they (the cynics) will come out and humbly admit that they were wrong,” he asserted.

Apologize to Charlotte Osei - Duncan Williams orders critics

Arch-bishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

The 2016 general elections has been described by both local and international observers as not just free and fair but also one of the most peaceful in Africa this year.

But despite these commendations, Ghana has suffered bouts of post-election violence across the country with scores of NDC supporters feared to have been wounded or killed. President Mahama has thus ordered the police to arrest all hooligans as the Peace Council describes the act as “barbaric.”

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