Ghanaian Innovator Calls For High-Speed Rail Network 

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Ghanaian Chemical Engineer and Innovator, Dr Thomas Owusu Mensah, has said the only way Ghana can catch up with industrial countries is to build a high-speed rail. According to him, if Ghana can build the high-speed rail it will link northern Ghana to the southern part, using the fibre optic technology to optimise travel time.

Dr. Mensah revealed this in an interview with the media at the fourth edition of the cybersecurity awareness workshop in Accra.

He emphasized that building the high-speed rail would mean traveling from Tamale to Accra would take one and a half hours.

“If we need Ghana to develop as America or elsewhere, we need to build high-speed rail not in the future but now as we speak”

“By high-speed rail we don’t need to seat in a car for about ten hours to get to Tamale just some few hours and you are there, that will also reduce our endless road accident” he said

Dr Mensah explained that the 10 fastest high-speed rail systems in the world were in Japan, France, China, Germany and Canada, leading the pack, followed by emerging countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Morocco, Ethiopia and Zambia.

“We cannot in the 21st century still have single lane road and travel to Tamale that’s unacceptable our systems must change. This is pulling our development back as a country, let’s attach seriousness into this developing our nation let’s build it now no more time wasting,” the usually passionate engineer said.

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