Don’t Turn Yourselves Into Thieves – Simon Osei Mensah Tells Auditors

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a training workshop organized for Ghana Health Service, Internal Audit Division, on Wednesday 21 May 2018, in Kumasi, the minister urged the auditors to eschew corruption.

“Don’t turn yourselves into thieves, go and arrest the thieves for us”; this was the advice of the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah to auditors.

He emphasized that it is their duty to correct the system and should therefore not allow themselves to be influenced.

“While you’re doing your work, it’s quite tempting because, we know people are afraid of auditors and because people are afraid of auditors, it gives the basis to be corrupt because you could easily be influenced…,” he said.

“I will beg you to refrain from that [and] eschew corruption other than that it could be like…some police officers who were recently arrested for hiring or renting ammunition to thieves.

“So, if you’ve to go and correct the system and you are taking bribe, you’re worsening the whole thing. So, don’t turn yourselves into thieves, rather go and arrest the thieves for us,” he said.

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