‘Don’t Let Cell Phone Imprison You’ – Most Reverend Palmer-Buckle

Most Reverend Palmer-Buckle

Most Reverend Charles Gabriel Palmer Buckle, the Accra Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Church, has advised the youth not to allow themselves to be ‘imprisoned’ by usage of the cell phone.

“Don’t let it imprison you. That is why it is called cell phone. It puts you into cells. Many of you are not aware how much you have become prisoners of this gadget,” he told the youth and added that most of them did not sleep at night because they were always on social media.

Social Phone Imprisonment

Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle gave the advice at the St James Catholic Church, Osu, where he went on a pastoral visit.

He also confirmed 35 congregants, made up of 15 young men and 24 females into the Catholic faith.

Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle laid his hands on, and anointed the newly confirmed to strengthen their faith in Christ.

Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle interacting with some of the confirmants after the ceremony

Speaking on the topic, “e-sermon”, he likened the Christian faith to the use of the mobile phone, advising students to obey school regulations by not taking mobile phones to school, “unless the school says you need it.”
“Don’t sit in class browsing at the time you should be studying if the school does not allow it, because many of us have become prisoners of our mobile phones,” he told the congregation, advising them not to let their cell phones control them.

He said the free night calls and other promotional packages by mobile phone networks were all calculated attempts to further imprison users, observing that the mobile phone imprisonment was affecting productivity.

Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle noted that most people did not have enough sleep at night because of the packages put together by some of the mobile phone networks and that made their output at the workplaces very abysmal.

“I beg you my sons and daughters, I beg you parents, teach your children how to control this gadget and you the parents yourselves, control this gadget, otherwise, it will make you a prisoner,” he advised.

Delivering the homily, Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle urged employers to be considerate and concerned with the needs of their employees.

He expressed concern that there were some institutions and organisations where the directors received fat salaries, while the salaries of some of the workers could not take them home, “and yet they are told that is what they deserve.”

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