Don’t Compare Me To Kweku Baako – Mustapha Hamid

Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid has sent out a strong message to those critics calling for his sacking and subsequent replacement with ace journalist Kweku Baako.

Hamid says being an Information Minister is a lot of work than just gathering documents and going to sit on Newsfile on Joy FM.

Mustapha Hamid has come under some intense criticism from a section of Ghanaians for how he is handling his job. Some people feel he is not defending and espousing the works of government very well, therefore he should be replaced by Kweku Baako.

In a response to this criticism on “Hard Truth”, Hamid said: “He [Baako] has not been where I am now. Because when you are Minister for Information, you don’t just sit at home the whole day pulling papers here, doing research, going around offices and nosing for information. That is not what you do as Minister of Information.”

“[The Information Minister] is running GBC, Information Services Department…you have 10 regional offices; you have 180 district offices that you are running; you have a government communication machinery that you are superintending and you have also to manage hundreds of party communicators. Sometimes you have to filter your information”, he added.

Some of the critics are of the opinion that Kweku Baako has defended the government well than the Information Minister during the US Army military agreement brouhaha.

He responded, “It is not as easy as going to sit on Newsfile on Saturday and then speak and then you go, and then you have the whole week to yourself and then you come back another Saturday. You don’t have that luxury if you are Minister for Information”.

He said President Nana Akufo-Addo has confidence in him and so far he has done his job delingently.

“Otherwise, I think he [Akufo-Addo] is intelligent enough to have said you don’t speak my mind, you don’t represent my principles and therefore I will do away with you. A spokesperson’s job is perhaps, in my view, the most difficult job in government”, he argued.

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