Don’t Compare Your China Dresses To Mine – Stephanie Benson

UK-based Ghanaian singer, Stephanie Benson has lashed out at some female Ghanaian celebrities for ‘disturbing’ audience at red carpet events with their low-cost Chinese dresses.

According to Stephanie, she wears very expensive dresses, therefore her Ghanaian colleagues must not dare compare their £200 inferior costumes to hers on red carpet.

The Ghanaian performer, has come under fire for wearing see-through dress to the Ghana Music Honours recently.

However, reacting to her critics, Stephanie Benson stated that her dress was purposefully designed to give an illusory effect of wearing nothing underneath.

The pop and jazz artiste in her comment hit back at her critics, insisting that they can’t compare their Chinese made dresses to her designer wears.

“The see-through dress I wore to the Ghana Music Honours was a custom made for such dress, you can’t go to a shop and find another one like it,” she said.

“I’m not like those people who go to China and go and buy clothes… I don’t go and spend £200 on that dress from China and flaunt it on the red carpet and compare it to mine,” the singer reportedly fired at her critics on Hit FM.

The singer in her conversation maintained that although she has got very expensive wardrobe, she doesn’t want to boost about them in public.

“I’m sorry I’m sounding arrogant but sometimes I think I need to. I’ve been very nice about how I am. I’ve got an extensive wardrobe but we will talk about most of them behind the scene,” she said.

Stephanie also added that, “I can pick anything that I do want to wear it’s just because I’m so free and I love fashion.”

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