Details About Sale of unibank and Auctioning of Shareholder’s Assets Untrue

Certain documents and reports circulating on social media about a supposed takeover of uniBank by another bank and auctioning of the shareholders’ assets ARE ALL NOT TRUE, a source close to Bank of Ghana (BOG) has said.

“uniBank at the moment is under Official Administration by KPMG, who are now playing the role of Management. The Shareholders are supposed to collaborate with them in the process and I have information that they are collaborating very well at this stage,” the source added.

As it stands, the shareholders are getting ready to inject a lot of money very soon to make the bank stand well on its feet and therefore, speculations of takeover and auctioning are unfounded.

The Official Administrator has been given a mandate by BOG and their time is not yet up. Why not contact them for any clarification instead of peddling falsehood.

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