‘He Was Destined To Die That Night’ — Ken Agyepong Responds To Death Of Net2 Cameraman

Owner of Kencity Media, parent company of Net 2 Tv, Hon Kennedy Agyepong, has spoken out on the death of a cameraman from his station, Mohammed Ashley Yakubu, who died Saturday during the Atomic Gas Explosion.

According to the Assin Central MP, Mohammed’s death was his destiny and can only be described as an ‘Act of God’.

The cameraman died during the explosion after he climbed the flyover at Zongo Junction to film the ongoing explosion but fell down to his death.

Speaking on the issue on Adom Tv, Agyepong said after the explosion the Net 2 building was put on a lockdown and everyone was asked to stay put, but Mohammed decided to go which tells him he was meant to die.

“Honestly from the angle that it’s coming from, I don’t know whether destiny is the same as acts of God, because I learnt that they were cautioned not to move out and stay calm but because of the love for his job, he went out to work which makes me think that he was destined to die that night” he said.

The cameraman would be buried today (Tuesday), with the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, having agreed to foot the bill of his funeral.

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