Delicious Local Dishes To Try When Visiting Ghana For The First Time

One is constrained to examine issues, like for example, the climate conditions, lodging offices and other related concerns.

With respect to such trips, one is also compelled to take a serious look at the available meals. Ghana offers a wide variety of meals to offer to visitors

1. ‘’Fufu’’ with light soup:

Fufu is an African meal usually prepared from cassava and plantain. The two crops are prepared and boiled, and then pounded in a mortar with a pestle.

Fufu with light soup is a favourite of several people all over the continent of Africa.

Fufu and soup

Fufu and Palmnut soup in an Asanka

2. Fried yam & ‘’tsofi’’

Fried yam is a delicacy many Africans enjoy.

Usually cut in unique shapes and sizes, the fried yam goes well with hot pepper and fish, sausages or meat, especially turkey tail, popularly referred to as “tsoofi”.

Fried yam chips with hot pepper and meat

3. Omotuo and soup

Omotuo, also known as rice balls, is usually enjoyed on Sundays. It is often taken with groundnut soup. This meal is rich in carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Omotuo and soup

4. ‘’Angwa mu’’

Together with ground pepper and fried eggs, “angwa mu”, also known as “oil rice”, is a meal several Africans have come to love.

The magic to this meal is the cooking oil added to the rice before it is boiled. When ready, add your pepper, tomatoes and then some fried eggs or sardine to complete your meal.

"Oil rice" with fried eggs

5. Banku and fish stew:

Banku, one of Ghana’s favourite dishes, is made up primarily of corn dough and cassava dough. This combination caters for the carbohydrate needs of your body,

The fish stew provides a variety of nutrients and vitamins that would, among other benefits, boost your body’s immune system

Banku and fish stew

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