DECEMBER 7 ELECTIONS! Race To The Flagstaff House: Who Will Become Ghana’s Next President?!

Ahead of Wednesday’s general elections, Ghana’s two primary political gatherings (NPP and NDC) are exceeding each other with a minute ago great energizes.

Everything started when the restriction New Patriotic Party (NPP) raged the Trade Fair focus in Accra with an astounding very much arranged battle which had one single message –  “Ghanaians are ready for change”.

Race to the Flagstaff House: the battle of mega rallies

The campaign, which saw the opposition party release all its arsenals including the founder of the party, Ex President Kufuor succeeded in selling out their campaign message ahead of Wednesday’s polls.

Race to the Flagstaff House: the battle of mega rallies

NPP’s rally saw close to a million supporters attend

If only numbers at political rallies were sureties for election votes, the opposition party could have found itself sailing easily to the Flagstaff House come January 7th.

As if that was not enough, the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) flexed its muscle like the ruling party it is! With main roads blocked and terrific traffic across the central business district of Accra, it was clear, that the NDC was ready for business come election day.

It was one of the largest rallies ever held at the Accra Sports Stadium with tens and thousands of avid NDC supporters spreading through the wings and even park of the stadium.

Race to the Flagstaff House: the battle of mega rallies

NDC rally was also terrifying with the outstanding number of turnout

But one thing remained lost – the presence of the NDC founder, Jerry John Rawlings. His presence could have soared the NDC campaign beyond the roof!

But be it all it may, the NDC managed to recover through the boisterous campaign messages of party bigwigs. Oh and that final music bash by Shatta Wale was terrific!

Race to the Flagstaff House: the battle of mega rallies

Shatta Wale cheering the crowd

Unfortunately, Wednesday’s elections will NOT be a matter of who held the largest rally. It will strictly be about the state of the Ghanaian economy and whether or not Ghanaians are in for change.

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