DCE Sacks Driver After Trading Slaps With Him

Narrating the incident, Frank Afriyie, who is the driver of the DCE, said his boss sacked him because he retaliated a slap given him.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Jasikan Assembly in the Volta Region, Lawrence Kwami Aisle has sacked his driver over what he described as gross insubordination.

It was pandemonium at the Jasikan Assembly of the Volta Region after the District Chief Executive of the Assembly reportedly traded slaps with his driver.

The DCE of Jasikan, Lawrence Kwami Aisle, is reported to have fired his personal driver following a misunderstanding over the use of the Assembly’s vehicle.

The driver said that the DCE had instructed him, on a rainy day, to pick up a friend’s girlfriend who was visiting from another town.

He explained that the car developed a fault whiles they were returning – situation which delayed their arrival.

However, the DCE’s friend would have none of that and berated the driver for being late.

He further stated that the DCE’s friend ordered him to hand over the car key but he refused, before his boss was summoned to the scene.

The driver narrated that instead of asking about what happened, his boss’ first reaction was to slap him right in front of onlookers.

Mr. Afriyie said the actions of the DCE did not sit well with him so he equally retaliated by giving his boss “a heavy slap” of his own.

“If you don’t want to work with me again, [tell me and] I will give you your key but I am not your child,” the driver bemoaned, adding that his retaliation led to the DCE relieving him of his duties.

However, the DCE of Jasikan Mr. Aisle has denied that he exchanged slaps with his driver.

According to him, he had to sack his driver because he was drunk and was driving carelessly on the road.

“I didn’t slap him and he didn’t slap me [but] Frank has been involved in drunk behaviour [and] on the day I asked him to go and drop some visitors, I received calls that he was driving on top speed,” the DCE countered in an interview.

He added that his driver’s actions were “disgracing and bringing the image of the assembly into disrepute”, hence he had to fire him.

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