Curfew Imposed On Bolga 

Ghana police men

The curfew became necessary following a serious scuffle between two royal gates on Tuesday, April 24.

A curfew has been imposed on the town of Bolgatanga in the Upper East region following renewed chieftaincy clashes.

There was tension between the feuding factions in the Atulbabisi community in Bolgatanga.

Also, security has been beefed up in the community to prevent an escalation of the situation or any further clashes.

The chieftaincy dispute in Bolgatanga has been ongoing for the past five years, following the death of the Paramount Chief of Bolgatanga, Naba Martin Abilba III, in 2013.

The death of the Chief brought about tension in the town after his eldest son and another royal laid claim to the skin.

Several attempts by the Judicial Committee of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs to settle the matter has proved futile.

Meanwhile, the case is currently pending at the Bolgatanga High Court.

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