Counsellor Says Women Weren’t Part Of God’s Creation Plan!

Reverend George Lutterodt has ignited yet another controversial debate with the assertion that women were not part of God’s plan during creation.

The astute counsellor made this remark on GHOne’s relationship show “Tales from the powder room”, while he shared his thoughts on cheating outside marriage.

“You see, women will forever be a problem in the lives of men. I say this because, women were originally not part of God’s creation plan,” he asserted. The controversial counsellor justified his point visiting the story of creation in Genesis that, after God had finished creating everything; he created man to take charge of all these things, then the man requested for a companion (woman).

Since it was the man’s own initiative to request the presence of woman, the woman will continue to be a man’s problem.

Counsellor Lutterodt raised this point amid a discussion involving a married man who claimed had fallen out of love with his wife and was madly in love with another woman.

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