Cocoa Farmers Call On Government To Make Cutting Down Of Cocoa Trees An Offence

33% Of Cocoa Trees Unproductive

Nana Agyemang believes Cocoa is the major foreign exchange earner for the country and if a law is not implemented to prevent curb this ongoing menace, the Cocoa sector will be in danger very soon.

President of Concerns Farmers Association of Ghana, Nana Opambour Bonsu II has called on Government to pass a law that will make cutting down of Cocoa Trees an offence that can be punished by law.

The President speaking at an Open Forum On Agricultural Bow Technology in Accra revealed owners of Rubber Plantations are illegally cutting down Cocoa trees to make way for the planting of their rubber plantation.

It is in view of this that the concerned farmers are predicting a decline for the Cocoa Sector if the Government does not implement drastic measures including passing laws to stop the destruction of Cocoa farms.

He continued the Cocoa sector needs the law urgently because Cocoa has been the backbone of our economy for years and is still is. Therefore allowing people to just cut it down will not only affect the Cocoa farmers but will also have an effect on Ghana’s Economy.

The “Tree that is carrying the cocoa beans if you cut it down you go free, but if you smuggle the beans it is an offence, this doesn’t make sense”, he revealed.

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