Christabel Ekeh Knows What She Is Doing Let’s Not Interfere – Kafui Danku

Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku has stated that one of the reasons she has not checked up on Christabel Ekeh is because they are not close friends.

According to her, even though they both find themselves in the movie industry, the relationship between them does not allow her to interfere in Christabel Ekeh’s affairs.

“In the industry there is somebody you’re cooler with, you can laugh together and you can hit that person. But this one is just some hello hello things,” Kafui Danku disclosed on JoyNews Prime entertainment.

She added, “Maybe she knows what she was doing, I don’t want to interfere. I don’t want to hear; Are you the one to teach me or tell me? You’re not my manager sort of things.”

However, she blames the players in the movie industry for not supporting each other in times of need.

“We’re humans and sometimes may be going through some challenges and it’s just good to check up on each other. So you see what I’m talking about? We’re so bad at these things,” she noted.

Actress Christabel Ekeh was widely criticised by a section of the public after she posted n-ude photos of herself on her Instagram page.

Her act raised eyebrows with people suspecting that her account had been hacked.

However, the actress came to confirm that she posted those nude pictures indicating that it represented the “new” Christabel Ekeh. In the new development, the 26-year-old actress has created new Instagram account where she dropped more nude photos of herself.

She admitted on Joy FM that she shared the nude photos herself as a way of introducing fans to the “new” Christabel Ekeh brand.

“I noticed the page was taken down but it’s my way of welcoming everyone to the new Christabel,” Christabel told Joy FM’s MzGee.

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