Christabel Ekeh Finally Speaks after Breaking the Internet With Nude Pictures Last Year.

Christabel ekeh nudes


Finally, Actress Christabel Ekeh made her first TV appearance to talk about the nude pictures she posted on her Instagram page last year.

Christabel Ekeh shocked her followers last year when she boldly splashed on her Instagram page, nude photos of herself in a yoga sitting position and in an almost backflip position, a gesture which attracted widespread criticism.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mikki Osei Berko on his ‘After Hours’ show on TV3, Christabel Ekeh insisted that there was never a problem with her while she was posting the nude pictures and attributed the resulting outrage by Ghanaians to an “environmental issue.”

“There was never a problem. Initially I told the truth about posting it but obviously I didn’t know much about the environment I was posting it into. So is an environment issue and so everybody received it in a different way,” she argued.

The actress who has been off the screen for some time also explained that she decided to take a break to focus on other interesting things in her life and insisted that her fans still love her despite everything that happened in 2017.

Asked if she would ever consider posting her nude pictures again, Christabel maintained that she would only do it if it is considered legal.

“I took a break to do other interesting things aside what I always do. Just going out there and experimenting new lifestyles. It was a learning experience and it went well. It’s all good. My career didn’t suffer, my fans still love me.

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