Chinese National Allegedly Kills Ghanaian


Riots sparked at Wassa Akropong in the Wassa Amenfi East District of the Western region after a Chinese allegedly shot and killed a resident in the area. The Chinese national according to reports accidentally shot and killed the Ghanaian.

Some angry youth in the area reportedly set ablaze some assets belonging to the foreigner over the shooting.

A local reporter with Rivers FM at Wassa Akropong, narrated that at about 4:30 pm, today [Friday], residents got wind of a brawl between two Chinese at a casino in the town near a filling station.

He told Accra based Citi FM that in the course of the confusion, one of the Chinese allegedly fired a shot from the casino, killing instantly the Ghanaian who was fueling his car at a nearby fuel station.

“I saw the army and policemen, they are around here. But they could not stop what the youth in the town are doing now. They [the youth] are burning the houses around and their cars… the fire service came here but they didn’t get the chance to even quench the fire.”

“I heard one military officer, but they are not allowing anybody to record or to take photos or to make calls. So the guys even warned a military man not to make any calls so they are just standing here. I can see only three military men and four policemen.”

Meanwhile, the joint military and police force are said to have brought calm in the area.

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