Check Out What Shatta Wale Is Saying About Lil Win In ‘One Corner’ Beef With Patapaa — ‘You’re A ‘Fake’ Artist, Fire Burn You’

Shatta Wale

‘Dancehall king’ Shatta Wale has ‘bie gya’ on ‘Mama Boss Papa’ hitmaker Lil Win for being a ‘fake’ artist.

Lil Win is currently embroiled in controversy over the viral ‘One Corner’ song with original artist Patapaa, and has been accused of plagiarism after he released his own song dubbed ‘Corner Corner’.

Lil Win’s actions have angered Shatta Wale, who took to Facebook to throw his support behind Patapaa and condemn the Kumawood actor turned singer.

“Patapaaa one corner ,no video ,no air play,street support ,..Only God can do this no be man …God bless the real ones and fire bun da fake ones..One corner is my song ..🔥🔥🔥” Wale wrote.

Shatta Wale often seems like a arrogant, uncouth person but at least you know he’s always being ‘real.’ That’s who he is and he won’t change it for anyone.

He hustled his way to the top through numerous difficulties so he recognizes real hustle like that of Patapaa, so it’s easy to see why he would throw his support behind him and hit out at Lil Win.

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