Check Out Health Risks For Secondhand Smokers

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Being around tobacco smoke is bad for you, even if it’s someone else’s smoke.

When someone smokes a cigarette, most of the smoke doesn’t go into their lungs . It goes into the air, where anyone nearby can breathe it.

Smoking is banned in many public places. But many people are still exposed to secondhand smoke , especially children who live with parents who smoke. Even people who try to be careful about where they light up may not protect those around them.

What Is Secondhand Smoke?
It can come from a cigarette, cigar , or pipe. Tobacco smoke has more than 4,000 chemical compounds, at least 250 are known to cause disease.

Exposure to secondhand smoke raises the risk — by as much as 30 percent — that others will get lung cancer and many other types of cancer , it can lead to emphysema, and it is bad for your heart.

Smoke makes your blood stickier, raises your “bad” LDL cholesterol , and damages the lining of your blood vessels. Eventually, these changes can make you more likely to have a heart attack or stroke .

Smoking during pregnancy is especially dangerous to the developing baby . It’s tied to premature delivery, low birth weight , SIDS, limited mental ability, trouble with learning, and ADHD . The more cigarettes a mother-to-be smokes, the greater the danger to her baby.

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