Check Out 4 Amazing Ways To Style Up Your Outfit With A Kente (Photos)

Kente, in Ghana,  is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the   Akan ethnic group of South Ghana. Kente is made in Akan lands such as the Ashanti Kingdom.

The ethereal and interesting nature of the Kente texture has influenced it to collect universal acknowledgment for among many mold fan and culture eyewitnesses all over the world.

It is likewise worn by numerous gatherings who have been affected by Akans; an ethnic gathering in Ghana. Kente is generally observed amid conventional celebrations, weddings, and chapels by the old and matured.

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The leading form can’t manage without this rich social texture. The most recent design patterns for men is the Afrocentric request which is the union of both urban attire with an African touch like Kente.

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Check out these photos:

1. ‘Shoulder placement’


Crank your look up a notch by simply folding Kente on one side of the shoulder. The Kente fabric must be at most waist length when folded to the shoulder. This works best on official looks. It gives the appearance a classic appeal.

2.Belly Belts

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The Kente Fabric can also be used as a fashion belt for the belly just like belly busters belts are used. The only difference with this when styling with Kente is that, the fabric is wrapped around the belly like a belt on the outside. This beauty of this style becomes more delectable when tried on an open shirt or a blazer with nothing on the inside; shirtless.

3.Kente cape

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This is a trend high fashion lovers and male avant-garde enthusiast would love. The Kente could be used as a sleeveless outer garment, which drapes the wearer’s back, arms, and chest except that it must not fastens at the neck.

When fastened to the neck it exudes a feminine touch which of course androgynous trend followers would love but it’s better when fastened with a tiny rope on one side of the shoulder.

That way it gives it an indigenous appeal but most importantly an alpha male look like usually seen with the fictional super hero characters.

4. Bow tie or flying tie


In the world of menswear, bow ties and Flying ties are few accessories that can be more intimidating due to its complex nature with respect to color choices.

That is not the same with kente due to its multifaceted quality. Turn your little Kente fabric into a bow tie or flying tie to give you a dapper appeal. It is entirely safe and stunning. It sparks up your look.

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