Certain Gospel Musicians Lack Respect- Cynthia Appiadu

One of the members of the award-winning gospel trio, Daughters of Glorious Jesus,Cynthia Appiadu, has spoken about certain traits in the new crop of gospel musicians.

Cynthia stated that certain gospel musicians lack respect and are not humble at all.

She made these statements on an interview. She stated that she believes humility is one key step to becoming a successful gospel musician.

Cynthia was part of the group with Edna Sarpong and Monica Owusu-Ansah. The group was one of the most successful gospel groups of all time. The had songs such as ‘Mebo Wo Din Daa’, ‘Edin No’ and ‘Asomdwoe Hene’.
Cynthia Appiadu attributed their great success to humility and respect for their predecessors and spiritual leaders.

She said,

“One thing I can boldly say is that in the first place, if you want to be a gospel musician, you have to be a Christian because you’re there as an example for people. We’re not angels, but we are all trying to be perfect.”

She continued, “Sometimes, people with gift will just stand up and say because I have this gift, I want to sing without wanting to submit themselves under authority…If you are humble and determined that you will do this work for Christ, then I can assure you that the lord will take you far as He has with Daughters of Glorious Jesus.”

“For over thirty years we’ve been with the man who helped groomed us into who we are today and we are still humble under his authority. That loyalty, that faithfulness is one of the secrets. When we came, there were some older gospel musicians. Somebody like Rev. Yawson, the late Rev Kusi Berko, Michael Osei Bonsu, they all know us and we were very young but we were always humble and go to them to ask how they do their stuff and we still give them respect.”

“Some of these current gospel musicians don’t have respect. Some are good. When they meet you, they’ll ask you one or two questions and you can see they want to learn something but others are filled with pride and think they know,” she concluded.

Her statements are true as many people have complained about the arrogance and lack of humility from many gospel musicians.

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