CEO Of GRIDCo Salute His Workers For Working Hard To Ensure Uninterrupted Power Supply

Jonathan Amoako Baah, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), has commended workers in the power sector for their hard work which has contributed to the stability of the country’s power sector.

He said the power sector workers have done well hence deserves to be commended.

Speaking to Oman News on May Day  Mr Amoako Baah, said: “I wish all Ghanaian workers happy workers day, especially those in the power  sector and more importantly staff of GRIDCo.”

He argues that Ghanaians are now enjoying uninterrupted power because of hard work of power sector workers and urged them to continue serving the nation.

Mr Amoako Baah who stressed the importance of power sector to the economy of Ghana, said it is only when there is an uninterrupted supply of power that the economy will grow.

“If there is uninterrupted power supply the economy will grow. What we are looking for is that there will be power at all time so that industries can grow,” he said.

He said “we at GRIDCo are doing our best to make sure that we keep our lights on.”

Ghana lost billions of cedis as a result nearly a five-year power crises the country experienced under the Mahama administration.

It also resulted in the collapse of several businesses.

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