Cabinet Approves Concrete For Road Construction

govt approves concrete roads

Cabinet has approved the use of concrete for road construction, Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia has said.

The Tema steel works will begin the pilot of the concrete roads similar to the Tema Motorway.

Cabinet considered the decision for concrete roads after the head pastor of the Light House Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward Mills proposed to the Vice President to consider the use of concrete for road constructions in Ghana.

govt approves concrete roads

The Vice President made this known at a dedication ceremony at the Tehilla Temple in Accra

He said: “Why is it that we are not building our roads with concrete and rather doing all this asphalt, bitumen stuff which the roads get washed away after two seasons.

Govt approves concrete roads

“You look at Tema Motorway which was built with concrete and it is lasting almost 50 years. Since 2014, in India, they have a policy to only build concrete roads because it works out much cheaper.

“So I said let me bring this to my bosses and we have been discussing this as recently as last week and Bishop Dag, I will let you into it, cabinet did decide last week that we should move towards concrete roads as a country.

“And they are going to do the Tema steel works roads as the pilot roads for concrete roads in this country.”

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