Best Farmer Returns Awards To Government, Says They Are A Disgrace To Farmers

The farmer who won the overall best for the Prestea-Huni Valley District in the Western Region has returned all awards he received.

Best farmer returns awards to government, says they are a disgrace to farmers

35-year-old John Enimil says the awards never reflect his toil and suffering as a farmer and that they represent how much government disregards farmers across the country.

Best farmer returns awards to government, says they are a disgrace to farmers

2017 national best farmer, Kweku Agyemang

Returning his gifts to the agriculture department of the district, the agitated farmer says the award package given to him as an Overall Best Farmer was a disgrace to him and Prestea-Huni Valley.

“The District has embarrassed me and there is no way I will take the items again, they should take their items. What pains me a lot is a common certificate they didn’t give me some and these people think I’m not a person, they take we the farmers for granted”, he told

Meanwhile, the 2017 national best farmer, Kweku Agyeman says he carries one major burden which is on how to spend his cash award.

President of the republic, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo offered a cash prize worth $100,000 to the best deserving farmer but Kweku Agyeman says he is yet to determine what to do with the money.

“For now, I cannot tell what I am going to use this money for. I will think about it and maybe use it to benefit Ghanaians”, he disclosed in an interview with UTV.

This year’s Farmers Day celebration recognized 77 farmers and fishermen for their hard work. Other award-winners included Abdul-Rahman Mohammed from the Upper East region who was adjudged the National Best Crop farmer.

The National Best Youth Farmer went to Richard Awombadek, from Builsa South in the Upper East region.

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