My Beef With Best Friend Mensa, Was A Publicity Stunt – Wanlov

Ghanaian musician Wanluv has disclosed that his famous beef with best friend Mensa was a publicity stunt for promotional reasons which worked.

Celebrities beefing in the entertainment industry are no news and for particular reason some are actually setup, recently Shatta Wale revealed that his well-known beef with Yaa Pono was indeed a setup and now Wanluv has also disclosed that his beef with fellow group member Mensa, was in fact a setup.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Turkson on TV Africa’s showbiz and more the artiste revealed “Mensa was about to launch his album RED RED, so he sent me a message that we should just pull a stunt on twitter that we are fighting and the group, FOKN BOIS is no more just to raise promotion to what he was doing, that publicity stunt is still remembered by some people.

The beef was a setup just for Mensa’s album promotion the group is still there”.

“Mensa and I were doing music before we started professionally, I met him in school he was my junior of two years , Adisadel college, we became very good friends because we enjoyed similar music so we could connect, we later met outside ten years later and we formed the group FOKN BOIS” he added.

Asked by the presenter what Ghanaians should expect from FOKN BOIS this year Wanluv disclosed “Last month I was with him, we have recorded a full album with Medical, Mr. Eazi and so many more,it will come out in about two or three months and there are so many other projects we are about to do.

We are also planning the third episode of COZ OF MONI”.

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