Becca is No More Classy’ – Fan Criticises Becca’s ‘Weird’ Look in Latest Wild Photo

Becca is also spotted looking very fair with an ‘awkward’ hairstyle.

Some of her fans and followers have wondered why Becca would go through all these troubles to dress like that for a song which in the end would not be a hit.

Celebs, for instance, wrote in the Akan language wondering why Becca would suffer to dress like that for just one song.

thosecalledcelebs: “Nnwom baako….boi!!��.”

According to some of the fans, Becca’s songs are nothing to write home about, therefore, it is unnecessary or not worthy for her to go through all that.

Qojo opined in the Akan language that Becca’s songs are not nice.

qojo_sweet“Ndwom no so ny3d3 ��.”

Some of them also raised concerns over Becca’s complexion in the photo, expressing disappointment in her for allegedly bleaching.

Sammy also wrote in the Akan language that after all the weird dressing and makeup, no one would even listen to the song.

sammy_highcourt“Nso nnwom no wonk) tie na………………..”

Other fans had many different names for her.

Wesley claimed Becca could best be described as ‘Avatar’

donna_dee_wesley: “Avatar.”

To Ashorkor, she is a spider woman.

jashorkor“Spider woman.”

Orina wondered which title best fits Becca’s look.

orina6249: “Roman soldier or robot boii.”

Naa and Prince plainly said Becca has lost her class and beauty because bleaching has eroded her former beauty

i_am_me_naa: “Wesley girls ni paaaa and you bleach so… The class is all gone.”

princesamekofi“She was very beautiful black Queen but now paaaa di3 creams .”

For Gracielle, Becca looks like she is going to war

gracielleamorie“As3 )k) nt)kwa.”

Prince didn’t want to believe that the person in the photo was Becca.

princesamekofi“Tell me is not her.”

Becca has been in the news recently following the opening of her beauty and center and spa.

She was also in the news for unveiling a faceless man as the love of her life, and also alleged to have married her faceless man secretly.

She is a signee of Zylofon Media.

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