Beauty Movement Named After Nana Ama McBrown


Apparently,Nana Ama McBrown has Beauty Movement named after her. Nana Ama McBrown crashes websites. She makes wax prints impossible to find. Sorry, Jackie Appiah, but the woman has broken the Internet, and she will continue to way past her record coming months.

She’s also making serious waves in the beauty industry. By now, we are sure you have heard that hair stylists are seeing an uptick in requests for her hairdo, or something that looks just like it.

The phenomenon of hair requests and sold-out fashion style has a nickname, though. The “McBrown Sparkle.” Sure, but people are going out of their way to use McBrown as total inspiration.

Take this as proof. According to a fashion designer in Accra, multiple customers have called with the hope of achieving the “McBrown Sparkle.” That includes fashion treatments that yield both makeup and dress styles that match Nana Ama McBrown’s in her photos.

Nana Ama has already spilled many of her own secrets, so you don’t have to look that far. Old interviews have resurfaced where she has revealed her trick for hair volume, always looking wide-awake and well-rested, and even the workout that completely transformed her body.

As for copying her look? You don’t have to wait to get the full picture. Regardless of who scores the job as her designer, coming months will be  very profitable and popular  for the brand. Of course, you’ll also already know what all your friends’ dresses will look like far before they walk down the aisle.

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