‘The battle is the Lord but my body is mine’- Afia Schwarzenegger Drops Bombshell After Video Leaks [Photo]


Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, popularly known in media circles as Afia Schwarzenegger has indicated that whatever is happening now is in the Lord’s hands but was quick to add that she decided what she did with herself.

A few days ago, news went round that the popular TV icon was allegedly having an extramarital affair in her home when she was chanced upon by her husband known as Lawrence Abrokwah.

In a Facebook post, the self-acclaimed queen of comedy referred the ‘battle’ to God but it appears as if she is showing no regrets or remorse for the news of her alleged infidelity.

Ever since the news went viral on social media, many people have sought to find out the truth behind the matter as snippets of rumor hits social media bit by bit.

It has been gathered from the chatter on social media that information was being ‘leaked’ to the husband of the TV show host on the happenings in their house. It is alleged that it was the informant’s action that led Afia Schwarzenegger’s bust.

Another video emerged where it appeared some people were trying to settle the matter between the estranged couple. The video showed Mr. Abrokwah wriggling free from the hold of another man.

In yet another video, a voice believed to be that of Afia Schwarzenegger is overheard invoking curses on anyone who attempts to reconcile the purportedly breaking marriage.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Lawrence Abrokwah got married in South Africa in October last year and they have been living happily together until the alleged issue of the TV personality’s infidelity emerged.

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