Bantamahene Breaks Silence On Kumasi ‘Gang rape’ Saga, Calls For Stiffer Punishment

The Chief of Bantama in the Ashanti Region, Baffuor Owusu Amankwatia VI, is calling for stiffer punishment for seven teenage boys who allegedly ‘gang-raped’ a 17-year-old teenage girl in Kumasi.

Bantamahene calls for stiffer punishment for Kumasi ‘gang rapists’

The Bantamhene who has been quite ever since the alleged sexual assault video went public on social media has finally opened fire; calling on the law to deal ruthlessly with the suspects.

Baffuor Amankwatia VI speaking in an exclusive interview with Nhyira FM’s Ohemeng Tawiah, said he expects the law to take its full course without any interference in the trial of the teenagers.

“It’s very sad for such a thing to happen in my traditional area. Seriously when I heard about it, I really didn’t believe it but upon some investigations, I found out to be true and it’s bad for Ghana”, he said.

“Let’s everybody in Ghana know that what the children did was bad for Ghana; it’s bad for the moral fabrics of our society and it’s bad for everything,” he added.

The traditional ruler who was clearly not happy in his media interaction blamed the current indiscipline among the youth on lack of parental care and control.

The respected Chief also added that, “If we say they are children, because of that we are going to relax the punishment, I think it’s not going to help. Let’s do something that will deter our children from practicing such social vices again”.

Baffuor Amankwatia lamented that the value system of Ghana is gradually going down, therefore parents must woke up and restore Ghanaian culture and traditional values in their homes to keep children on track.

The Ghana police service in the Ashanti Region have so far picked up and arraigned four suspects before the Asokwa District Court whiles three are currently on the run.

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