Armed Forces Dismiss 17 Recruits For Failing Fitness Test

Seventeen (17) recruits of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have been sent home for failing their Basic Fitness Test (BFT).

According to a report by Accra-based Class FM, the recruits were sacked after failing to pass the test despite several chances given them to redeem themselves.

It is reported that the number of recruits sent home could even have been more, but several others who were on the verge of being sacked eventually redeemed themselves.

This exercise took place on Saturday, May 26, 2017, after all recruits were made to undertake their Basic Fitness Test (BFT).

The idea was to find out if the recruits are at the required fitness level to be passed out as members of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Unfortunately, though, 17 recruits could not make the cut and, subsequently had to be sent home.

However, those who were able to redeem themselves in the fitness training will now be part of those to pass out in about a week from now.

A key feature that is looked out for in recruits of the armed forces is mental, physical and academic soundness.

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