Anas’ Methods are Questionable, He Could Have Caused Another May 9th Disaster — A Plus

Kwame A Plus is back on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform

A Plus has questioned the methods employed by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in his recent ‘Number 12’ exposé.

According to him, bribing a referee to influence a game such as Hearts vs Kotoko is dangerous considering a refereeing mistake is what led to the May 9th disaster in 2001.

Anas latest documentary on football in Ghana has brought many people, especially NPP politicians, down on his neck.

Latest to fire Anas is A Plus, who says whilst Anas might have started his work with the best of intentions he has now become ‘commercial’ in his outlook — ie selling his services to the highest bidder.

“I don’t know the figure Anas but the agenda was very good. began with exposing food poisoning at a Biscuit manufacturing company, issues at the Mental Hospital, rot at the Customs Office, Cocoa smuggling exposé, exposé on the Judicial Service but all of a sudden his work has turned into a commercial business,” he said.

A Plus added that aside becoming an investigator for hire, Anas messing with a Hearts-Kotoko game when he knows how high emotions run when it comes to that is very dangerous.

“How could you bribe a referee to give a penalty to an opposing team when you know well that the same incidence brought chaos between Kotoko and Hearts of Oak supporters. What would he have done if the bribery incidence has resulted in a fight at the stadium.” A Plus wondered.

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