Ahead Of 2020 Elections: Dr. Azindow, The People’s Favourite Chasing Hon. Mac Nasser Out

The strength of every constituency depends largely on its leadership. Throughout history, successful societies have been those whose leaders were able to rise to the occasion to calm storms during crises and advance the course of prosperity during peacetime. During economic hardships, poverty and turbulent times it is the leaders who make tough economic and developmental decisions to steer the societies out of those troubles.

However, leadership incompetence is a key factor in entrenching poverty in almost all the Zongo dominated constituencies in Ghana.

Ahead Of 2020 Elections: Dr. Azindow, The People’s Favourite Chasing Hon. Mac Nasser Out


In almost every election season, constituencies are saddled with the sad predicament of having to settle for the choice of who should lead them. It is very unfortunate that ideal leaders are simply not appealing or popular enough to the general masses to make them winnable candidates.

The quest for development and accountability, as well as agenda to champion developmental needs for the Zongos, the electorates and the well-meaning youth of the Ayawaso East Constituency, are calling on the attention of the current member of parliament to step aside in the 2020 general election and make way for more competent, incorruptible, selfless, visionary leader, a leader with a good judgment, a leader with the love for his constituent and country and not a leader who only have love for his pockets.

Among the hopefuls who have expressed interest in contesting the East Ayawaso seat are Hon. Baba Jamal, the former Akwatia MP who was beaten by Ama Sey (the Hairdresser), Dr. Yakubu Azindow, a Lecturer from the United States of America, Hon. Sanda, the tree term Assemblyman for Nima West and the incumbent MP, Mac Nasser. Looking at all the hopefuls Dr. Yakubu Azindow stands tall among all of them. Dr. Azindow has all the qualities of a good and progressive leader with a transformational agenda to move East Ayawaso to a new developmental level. East Ayawaso constituency needs a visionary and astute leader who is ready to stand by his constituents through thick and thin to bridge the developmental gap facing the constituency and not what is happening now.

The current display of corruption, arrogance, and disrespect for party executives must give way to competence and diplomacy in East Ayawaso. According to the people in the Constituency, the current MP, Hon. Mac Nasser on his return from Japan was managing a local fuel station and using the constituency office car even after he won the 2012 general election, now he is boasting of several states of the art filling stations, fleets of luxurious cars as well as major construction companies which none of these businesses are situated in his constituency neither will you see a single person from his constituency working with him.

Several calls from some opinion leaders of his constituency to answer questions after a false report carried out by the republic news online, dated August 2017, dubbed Ayawaso east MP awarded for good leadership, dedicated to service and alleged massive infrastructural development has gone unheeded to. Investigations have revealed that some elders and Party Executives expressed serious concern over the MPs inability to account for the use of his MP’s common fund and since assuming office as MP for the area, Hon Toure has never met with members of the community to deliberate over issues of concerns of the constituency till date.

Our interaction with the communities in the constituency also reveals that the second time legislator has never spoken on the floor of parliament since 2012 and can only count on very cosmetic projects to his credit for his constituency example tarring of Nima market lorry station project and interestingly, he brought his brother-in-law from Kumasi to manage the project. This action caused a lot of agitation by the youth and most of his trusted loyalist. His main project is “cementing of Lungu” but he only provides sand. As a result of his incompetence and selfishness, many of his main supporters and allies have parted ways with him. Examples are names like NII, BIO, SANDA, BABA ALHAJI, ADAMU etc to name but a few.

It is these display of incompetence and arrogance and the disrespect to Party Executives to the extent of using the constituency chairman Mr. Olabode Williams as an errand-boy that many party members are ashamed about and are rooting for Dr. Azindow to step in and take over to redeem the sinking image of the constituency.

Reliable information gathered from the constituency indicates growing support for Dr. Azindow. His affable nature and support for the Party in the constituency especially during the Unity Walk in Accra has endeared him to many delegates in East Ayawaso. The electorates feel betrayed by the MP who they see as just interested in his business but not serving the interest of the constituency. And as one young man from 441 area put it “Ayawaso east can never progress with this kind of a leader, who is more concerned about his pocket than his responsibilities.

Ayawaso east is among the constituencies which are left out and marginalized since the 4th republic till date”. “Ayawaso east needs to chart a different route in getting a leader who is committed and dedicated in uniting his people through economic and cultural cooperation, educational infrastructure and many more, a leader with clear-cut plans and ideas of creating jobs and bringing development to bridge the unemployment gap in the constituency. This is what Dr. Azindow stands for” as explained by Nii, the leader of Group Azindow.

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